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Mixed peoples
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Mixed people tell their stories.

As stated on the first page, I am White and Cherokee Indian. I grew up in a mostly White area, basically the only time I got to hang out with other Indian people is at a powwow or when I visited Cherokee North Carolina. I've experienced some racism, albeit mild. Mostly, it's just White people who believe that Indians don't exsist anymore or is jealous because they think we get a free ride from the government (we don't). Or a Native person who assumes I'm a "wannabe" because of my light complexion. I try to practice both cultures as much as possible. I'm learning to speak Cherokee, or as we say, Tsalagi. I take every opprotunity to learn about Cherokee history from well known and reliable sorces. It's just hard because I'm learning it all on my own. It's also hard in the respect that we world will never see me as both Cherokee and White. I self-identify as biracial, but legally I'm White. In American society today, American Indians are the only people to have to register with the Government for them to recognize you as Indian.Now, I'm not one of these people who wants to get enrolled in the tribe just to see what little I can get out of it. I might never be able to enroll, and I'm okay with that. Besides, having that little card doesn't make me Indian, knowing my peoples language and customs does. It doesn't matter how society defines you, it matters how you define yourself. To my mixed brothers and sisters: keep up the good work and be proud of all that you are!

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